Discover how to create unique jewellery to match your mood

A hundred ways to be 100% you

Playcharms is designed to give you space for your creativity. Use the elements you find in one of the Essential boxes combining them to your liking and create a jewel that matches you. Play and change model every time you want it. Enrich your creations with our collections.

Treat someone special. Yourself.

There is a Playcharms box just waiting for you. Find it in our online store.

Are you ready to fall in love?

How to wear my Playcharms?

Your Playcharms box is all you need to create jewellery as unique as you. Discover how easy it is to create the perfect look to match your mood.

Our story

The idea behind Playcharms was born in the mind of designer Fionna Roditi. While wandering the rooms of London’s famous V&A museum, she came across an unusual ring designed by Wendy Renshaw in 1975.

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